6 oz versus 8 oz – Does it matter?

I am a loyal Dannon yogurt eater.

Yogurt was a treat in my childhood.  If budget allowed, my mom purchased ALDI store brand yogurt, which came pre-blended and had a chalky texture.  If she was making lasagna, my mom purchased a big tub of plain, Dannon yogurt.  Plain yogurt is sour.  I figured out that by adding a tablespoon of sugar and a dash of vanilla, plain yogurt was delicious.  Fruit on the bottom, single serve Dannon yogurt was an extra, special treat, reserved for times when my dad did the shopping and found it on sale.

In college, I bought my own yogurt.  It was $0.89 for each 8 oz container.   My sophomore year, the packaging changed.  For the same $0.89, I got a 6 oz. container.  75% of the original amount for the same price.

Later, the packaging changed again.  The original packaging had a separate lid and then a sealed foil cover.  The new packaging had just the sealed foil cover.  The foil was susceptible to leaks and punctures, so had to be carefully inspected at purchase.  This is still the case.

Why am I still loyal to Dannon when the serving size has decreased and the packaging has diminished?

1.  Interaction.  I love to dig my spoon through the smooth, pristine surface of the yogurt, pulling the fruit from the bottom and watching the color and texture change.

2.  Memory.  Eating Dannon still triggers a feeling that I’ve gotten a treat.

3.   Flavor.  Dannon yogurt tastes really good.  The quality of the product has been sustained.  The core Dannon yogurt yummy-ness is the same today as it was when I was a kid.


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