Verizon Customer Service Has No E-mail

Last week, I spent a lot of time on the phone with Verizon.  In August before we moved, I called and requested that our home phone service get disconnected.  Our phone number was never disconnected, and of course we were billed.

Jung called and requested immediate cancellation and a credit.  He was told that we would need to call another number and provide proof that we had sold our home before the credit could be issued.  I was tasked with calling Verizon to get the credit.

Call 1.  Do you have your account number?  No?  Sorry, can’t help you.

I called Jung for the account number.

Call 2.  Sorry, this is a New Jersey account.  Can’t help you.  You need to call another number.

Call 3.  Sorry, your account number doesn’t match our records.  Do you know the last amount paid?  No?  Sorry, can’t help you.

I e-mailed Jung for the last payment amount.

Call 4.  Last payment amount doesn’t match Verizon’s records.  

I told my situation.

OK.  Fax over your documentation.  

I did not have access to a fax machine.  Could I e-mail it?

No, there wasn’t any e-mail address where information may be sent.  It must be faxed.

I asked whether his supervisor or anyone had e-mail where I could send information.

Hold Please.  

I waited.

No e-mail, must be faxed.   When ready to fax, call back to get a fax number to send documentation to.  Verizon has many call centers, so no guarantee that this call center will be the one to help.

I asked whether I could speak with his supervisor or someone else who could help me.

Hold Please.  

Call 4 Transferred to Escalation Department.

I told my story again.

No record of your call in August to Verizon.  

I asked again about e-mailing.

No access to e-mail.  

I asked what could be done, because we were good customers and still had our cell phone service through Verizon.  We just wanted this issue resolved and I had no access to a fax machine.

Hold please.

I waited.

Since there was a strike in early August, it is possible that the person who took the call at that time was a temp who did not follow proper procedure and document the request.  This would be taken into consideration.  A final bill and credit would be processed in 4-6 weeks.  No need to pay current billing statement for old number.  Service would be disconnected on that number by end of day.

Finally, a resolution!

My take-away from this:  Verizon of “TV, Internet & Home Phone Bundles Starting at $39.99” does not provide their own customer service agents access to e-mail!  A high tech company with low tech customer service.  Major fail.


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