Guardrail Driving

I witnessed an accident a year ago on my way to work.  It happened a few car lengths ahead of me as I drove west bound on Woodhaven Road near Philadelphia.  An SUV started to move from the right lane into the left lane, and then noticed that another car was already in the lane.  The SUV’s driver over-corrected to the right, hitting the concrete barricade and ricocheting back into the right lane.

All this happened in less than a second.  I scarcely had enough time to change lanes and steer around the now stopped SUV.

Sometimes companies are like that SUV, failing to check blind-spots and then over correcting when the error is identified.

A controller I used to work with called this tendency to move from one major strategy to another opposing major strategy “Guardrail Driving.”  It wastes energy, momentum, time, and money.  It causes companies to fall further behind the competition.  It demoralizes employees.


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