No Longer Supported

Remember the candy bar style phones from the early 2000’s with the small, single color screen and short battery life?   While you may be able to still take a call on such a phone, the hardware and software limit other functions.  You can’t hope to match today’s smart phones with e-mail, videos, photos, and aps all integrated into a single device.

Why am I making this obvious statement – that old phones can’t perform the same functions as new phones?  A cell phone is tangible because most people have interacted with it.  But other aspects of technology – servers, programming languages, databases – are much less tangible.

A technology team might make a statement like, “This application is written in an unsupported version of Delphi.”  The business user response is often a blank stare or a “So what?”  By making an analogy to something tangible, it’s possible that the business user may be able to better understand the technology team’s message.

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