Overtaken by Events

New Jersey to Connecticut

I know the most about the immediate past and the now.  That is a short span of time to hold and understand.  Too far backward or forward and things get murky.

The past is hazy because it is difficult to remember all the how’s, who’s, and why’s that led to a moment or feeling.  Over time, the details blur and the reasons become lost.  Too much mundane happens to remember.

The future is hazy because of the unexpected, uncontrollable, and new.  Shifts in ideas and understanding cause course corrections.  Inspiration and discovery lead to new direction.  External forces cause unexpected interactions, both positive and negative.

To give a concrete example, 6 months ago, we brought our 2nd born child home from the hospital.  We lived in New Jersey and worked in Philadelphia.  Jung was just contemplating the possibility of a career change.

Today, we are living outside of Hartford, Connecticut, having sold our Jersey home and purchased a new home.  Our baby is 6 months old, rolling from front to back, starting to eat solids, and babbling happily.  Jung is 3 months into a new job, and I am in the final days of my current job.

The future I had projected for myself 6 months ago is not the same as the present of today.  Plans have been overtaken by events.  I am excited about what comes next.

For a definition of overtaken by events, check out the Wikipedia entry.

Map courtesy of Google Maps.


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Wife, mother of 2, worker bee - striving to balance roles and continually learn
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