The Beginning of a Journey

This is a picture of my parents on their wedding day more than 40 years ago.  My dad looks confident, while my mom is more hesitant.

Today, my parents are still married, the parents of 9 and grandparents of 18.  They’ve lived in 4 countries, 4 different states, and many different houses.

On their wedding day, I wonder how they imagined the future.  What destination did they dream about at the beginning of their journey together?



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2 Responses to The Beginning of a Journey

  1. ailsaf says:

    That’s such an interesting shot of your parents as they embark on their life together. I, of course, am reading a million things into it but all of these things are my own projections, I’m sure! The fact that they weathered all the storms marriage brings, and brought so many into the world, that deserves a big congratulations. I really like your posts: short but very insightful – a morsel to start your day.
    All the best,

    • Beth says:

      Thanks, Alisa! I’m glad you enjoyed. As I’ve had children of my own, I see my parents much differently than when I was a child. Pictures like this make them even more human to me.

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