ADT: Double Flop

In just two days, I’ve had two experiences with ADT, both highlighting inefficient customer service:

1.  ADT Sales Rep Drop-in Visit:  we purchased and had installed an ADT Pulse alarm system shortly after moving into our new home.  Yesterday, a sales rep stopped by to ask if I was interested in getting an alarm system installed.  He was surprised that we already had a system installed.  Why not double-check the list of new homeowners against the list of new alarm system installations?

2.  ADT Service Call:  as part of our package, we received a video camera that integrates into the alarm system.  Cool feature, but it hasn’t worked since we unplugged and moved it to a different location in our house.  Today, a technician came by to fix the camera.  The only problem is that he is not certified to work on an ADT Pulse alarm system and does not have the equipment needed to trouble-shoot the camera.  Why send a technician who cannot fix our issue?

Neither of these 2 issues were egregious.  However, both reduced my confidence in ADT’s abilities.







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