Verizon Customer Service Refrain

Make progress every day

We received a bill from Verizon for an additional $13.68, so today I went a second round with Verizon about our old phone number.  Read my original experience here.

To be fair, here’s the good news:

  1. Our phone number was disconnected
  2. Today’s experience was better than my last experience with Verizon customer service
  3. The first rep I spoke with was very professional and polished

Here are the areas that Verizon still needs to work on:

  1. Phone tree:  I went through several different layers of the phone tree to reach a rep; at one juncture, I was directed to press 8 for all other services.  I pressed 8, and was told that it was not a valid option.  I pressed 0, which worked.  Navigating by audio only is tough enough.  When the navigation directions are incorrect, it becomes infuriating.
  2. Disconnection Process:  we were billed because the disconnect notice was not back dated, though this need was well documented on our account.  I needed to call a second time due to this oversight.

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