Longing for Home


I’m reading The Survivors Club by Ben Sherwood. The book is appropriate considering we are now 6 days into a power failure in Connecticut. One of the points is that our lives are insulated from struggles for the necessities of life. We get our food at the grocery store, our gas at the gas station, and are comfortably complacent. When a modern necessity like power fails, our vulnerable dependencies are exposed.

Rather than stick out no electricity, and subsequently no heat and water, we opted to go to New Jersey. J has been tele-commuting, with emphasis on the tele part. We closely monitor the outage reports and await an e-mail from our neighbor that the power is back. I am grateful we have a warm, safe place to stay. I am grateful J’s parents have had a chance to spend some time with the kids. I am grateful we have a home to return to when the power is back.

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