Cold Soup

For dinner tonight, Laura chose to eat cold Campbell’s Dora The Explorer Pasta with Chicken Condensed Soup.  She prefers unheated food to heated food.  The thought of eating cold Campbell’s soup turns my stomach – blech!


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2 Responses to Cold Soup

  1. cloverjelly says:

    Instead of doing the chores I woke up early to do, I am sneaking a peek into your family’s life. Thank you for sharing. Risa feels the same way about food temperatures. I wonder if it is because we made such a fuss about not eating foods when they are hot that she now prefers warm to cold foods.

    • Beth says:

      All those carefully temperature controlled meals probably did have an impact. Risa and Laura have turned into Goldilocks, looking for porridge that is just right 🙂

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