The Christmas Countdown Commences

While it seems like Halloween just happened, Laura is already focused on Christmas. My sister suggested creating a Christmas Countdown Garland using leftover Halloween candy. It provides an easy way to meter Halloween candy consumption and transition into Christmas.

Here’s what you need:
– Enough pieces of candy for each of the days left until Christmas (here is a countdown clock to determine how many days until Christmas:
– Plastic wrap
– Ribbon, rafia, string, or yarn

1. Count out the candy.

2. Unroll a section of plastic wrap and line up candy down the middle. Do not cut the plastic wrap. We worked in 3 foot sections.

3. Fold in the two sides of the plastic wrap and tie a ribbon between each piece of candy.

4. Continue the unrolling / tying process until no more candy remains. Cut the plastic wrap from the roll.

5. Find a home for the completed garland. Cut off 1 piece of candy each day.

Place candy on plastic wrap

Tie ribbon between each candy

Enjoy finished garland by cutting 1 piece off each day until Christmas


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3 Responses to The Christmas Countdown Commences

  1. Barbara @ Just Another Manic Mommy says:

    really cute idea 🙂

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