Cake Box Vase

To prepare for Thanksgiving, Laura and I made two vases out of boxes filled with leaves gathered in our yard. This easy craft is appropriate for preschoolers and uses material readily available around most homes.

Here’s what you need:
– Assorted leaves, twigs, and berries
– Small rocks
– Boxes
– Glue
– Paint brush
– Scissors
– Paperclips
– Newspaper

1. Bring along a bucket and clippers on a walk around your house or neighborhood. Collect leaves, twigs, berries, and rocks.

2. When you are back inside, protect table with newspaper and lay out supplies.

3. Check your recycling for a box. We used a cake mix box and a powdered sugar box. A cereal or cracker box would also work well.

4. Carefully break apart the box at seams to make a flat sheet.

5. Begin gluing on plant material to the unprinted side of the now flattened box.

6. When box is fully decorated, let the glue set at least 30 minutes. Rocks may be used to as temporary weights to flatten leaves until glue is set.

7. Refold box, gluing long sides together at tab. Use paperclip to hold the sides together while the glue sets.

8. Fold and glue the bottom of the box. Position box so that now glued end is on table. Place rocks in bottom of box on the glued end. The weight of the rocks will help seal the end as the glue sets.

9. Cut top flaps off box. Alternatively, these may be folded down inside the box.

10. Arrange branches and leaves in the now completed vase. Leave the rocks in the bottom of the box to serve as a weight.

NOTE: Due to narrow width, vase may want to tip. I used a paperclip to hold together the two vases we made, which provided greater stability.


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