Snugglie Love

Laura at 18 weeks with Snugglie

Laura has loved her Snugglie, a yellow giraffe-head blanket, for more than 4 years. When Laura works herself into an emotional maelstrom, Snugglie soothes. When Laura is alone in the dark, Snugglie provides companionship.

Snugglie is actually a set of 6 identical blankets. We started with just one, but realized for hygiene purposes it would be best to rotate and wash Snugglie on a regular basis. We purchased all that we could find at Target before they were discontinued. An additional 2 were purchased for double the retail price on eBay.

Laura has developed a special Snugglie technique:
1. With left hand, firmly grasp Snugglie around neck. Use left index finger to rub nose.
2. Hold bottom, front corner of Snugglie between right thumb and forefinger. Rub with right thumb.
3. Insert horn in mouth and suck.

Over the past year, we’ve attempted to phase out Snugglie:
Stage 1: Snugglie only for sleep (naps at daycare, sleeping at home)
Stage 2: Snugglie only for sleep at home
Stage 3: Snugglie only for sleep at home upstairs

Laura initially committed to giving up Snugglie when Jason was born, passing Snugglie on to the new baby. She backpedaled quickly. Now she says that she will give up Snugglie when she turns 5 and goes to kindergarten. She loves Snugglie so much and does not want to say goodbye to him.

I am torn between pushing Laura to end her Snugglie relationship and just letting it continue. Is a forced eviction of Snugglie necessary? Will Laura naturally give up Snugglie as she grows older?

Snugglie after 4 years of love


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5 Responses to Snugglie Love

  1. mommysaidaswearword says:

    I always wanted my daughter to have a ‘lovey’, For a while she was attached to my husband’s old worn t shirt (not pleasant for public travel). and then she sort of gave that up. Forever addicted to the binky, though…

    • Beth says:

      We never were successful with the binky for either of our kids. I feel like I’ve become a human binky for baby Jason :). It is hard to predict or understand why one object becomes so important.

  2. Kana Tyler says:

    Haha, my parents tried the “rotation approach” with my little sister, but even the first time she wouldn’t have anything to do with the “substitute,” so they gave up and let her single bear get ratty with love. My own teddy bear was a comfort to me on and off through all my growing-up and college years (though I didn’t “HAVE” to sleep with him, so he didn’t cause social awkwardness at sleepovers and camp, etc.)–and became a comforting regular presence in my bed again as I was dealing with my divorce… All that said, I vowed never to “evict” a comfort-friend from my own kids’ lives–maybe just help them modify the comfort-friend’s role in daily life… My daughter’s Bunny and my son’s Tiger travel with them as they trek back-and-forth between Mom’s house and Dad’s, and though they’re looking awfully ratty after their respective seven and ten years’ worth of being loved, I’ve been glad the kiddos have the comfort. 🙂

    • Beth says:

      Thanks for your perspective on this, Kana, especially the phrase “comfort friend.” It reassures me that I don’t have to push to evict Snugglie.

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