Sitting Chart

Laura is a yo-yo eater, constantly getting up during meal times.  Here is a typical exchange:

Me:  Laura, why are you up again?

Laura:  I need to give Jason a hug.

Me:  Did you ask permission first?

Laura:  No, but it will just take a minute.

Me:  I’m counting.  Get back in your seat now. 1 – 2 – 3…

Laura:  I’m sitting.

Me:  Good.  Now eat!

Some of the reasons Laura gets up while eating:

  • Get a straw
  • Get Jason a toy
  • Give Jason a hug
  • Give me a hug
  • Check on Jason
  • Check on me
  • Get ketchup
  • Get more to drink

I need to reset her behavior, so created a chart in Word.  We are not new to charts.  In the past, Laura has had a helping hands chart, a listening ears chart, a staying dry through the night chart, and a potty chart.  Laura also creates charts for herself.  Currently, she has a chart where she marks each day she is home with me, anticipating the day when she can go back to preschool.

Here are the specifics of how we’ll use Laura’s Sitting Chart:

1.  Laura will get one sticker for each meal where she stays seated the whole time or asks permission prior to getting up.

2.  Stickers will be placed on highest number  first, so chart acts as a countdown.

3.  When all 30 positions are filled, Laura will get a special day of her choice.  She has asked to go to the zoo as her reward for this chart.

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3 Responses to Sitting Chart

  1. shoes says:

    This is too cute! I do enjoy a good chart although I tend to be more of a list writer than a chart maker I may just have to dust off Excel or try my hand at charts in Word as you did.

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