Baby Backpack

Jason loves to be carried.  To allow hands free carrying, I regularly use a Baby Bjorn.  However, the Baby Bjorn was not working for outdoors, especially when I was gardening.  When I leaned over to weed, Jason grabbed dirt and stuffed it in his mouth.  When I tried to prune shrubs, Jason reached to hold the branches.  I needed a baby carrying solution where Jason would be positioned on my back instead of my front, allowing me to do yard work and Jason to enjoy the ride.   I also wanted something that would allow me to put Jason down outside.

Enter my Christmas present:  a Kelty Kids FC 2.0 (a super deluxe baby backpack).  It arrived today, and Jason and I took it for a test drive right away.  Love it!

What is your favorite baby carrying solution?

Product image from Amazon

Sidebar:  I purchased the Kelty through Amazon.  A “used” carrier was available for about $20 below sale price.  I decided to risk it.  The carrier arrived with the tags still attached.  The only thing missing was the original box.  Total score!


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11 Responses to Baby Backpack

  1. NoJobJulie says:

    I had a similar backpack when my kids were small, also loved it! And……the Dad is more likely to wear it than the baby bjorn (which I also had). Jason is a doll!

  2. Kana Tyler says:

    My absolute favorite was the “Hip Hammock,” which kept the Wee Ones on my hip where I’d most naturally hold them even without a carrier. It had the advantages of keeping the mischief-maker in sight and within reach (as opposed to backpacks), while also keeping my hands free and my front unburdened (unlike the front-packs which put the baby in the way of nearly everything I was trying to do)… I used that thing ALL the time–grocery-shopping, cooking and doing housework, air travel, you name it. When I discovered it, it was just being sold locally by its designer (who, fortunately for me, hails from my hometown of Boise, Idaho) but Playtex has bought her design and sells them rather more cheaply than the Original I bought… Even so, it was worth every penny–especially with my son, who hated being put down. (I used it less with his Wild Child of a younger sister, who preferred to run loose in full-on Destruction Mode… Though I was still glad to have it for Containment Purposes…)
    🙂 Cheers!

    • Beth says:

      Good point on being able to see the baby with a hip carrier. I hadn’t considered looking for that type of model. Sounds like your son and my son have similar dispositions 🙂

  3. Momma G says:

    I’m not sure which brand of backpack Ann uses, but she totes Ira everywhere in it. When we go walking, she is pushing Trekker in the stroller with Ira on her back. The double stroller was a pain to push. When you load the pockets with diapers and other baby paraphernalia, the pack can get quite heavy. The only complaint she has is that Ira will pull her hair every so often – whoa! Nelly. I haven’t seen Greg use the pack much, but then he doesn’t do much hiking. He prefers to let his machines do his walking with him inside them.

    • Beth says:

      Reading your comment, I imagined a double baby backpack with hooks for carrying additional children. For someone with multiples or several small children close in age, baby carrying options are much more limited.

      • Ann says:

        Beth I was just going through your blog and I came across this comment. I had a good chuckle with the image you painted. I would love a backpack that carried two children though I have nothing in front to balance out the load. I suppose a women with a large bust could pull it off. I have worn my bjorn and backpack at the same time, only good for walking. Bending over was a risky venture almost didn’t make it back up.

      • Beth says:

        Did you get a picture of the bjorn and backpack at the same time? I’ve almost lost my balance a couple times getting up with the backpack. It throws off my center, especially as Jason has gotten heavier.

  4. wearcute says:

    I have been using a so-called soft structured baby carrier, Mai Thai, to wear my son. I loved it right until recently – he became to heavy for me to carry him around for a long time. The reason I loved Mai Thai – it doesn’t any extra weight since it’s made of fabric only!

    • Beth says:

      The back pack is more than 6 lbs, so definitely a lot heavier than a piece of fabric. I am optimistic that it will allow me to carry my baby longer by distributing his weight to my shoulders and hips.

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