Rainbow Treasure Box

Remember as a kid pulling apart all the Publisher Clearinghouse magazine stickers and pasting them into patterns?  We used to fight over them.  This craft was inspired by that memory plus a huge surplus of Avery return address labels.  Laura was occupied with sticking labels on an old shoe box for more than an hour.  This craft was easy enough for her to do by herself once I printed the labels.

For this preschool friendly craft, here’s what you need:

  • Avery labels, any size
  • Color printer or markers
  • Any old box or can


  1. Use your word processing program to create desired design on label template and print 3-4 sheets of labels.  Alternatively, use markers to create a picture or pattern on labels.
  2. Find a shoe box, soup can, or any other object you’d like to cover with labels.  Make sure it is clean and dry.
  3. Start sticking the labels onto the item.  You are done when you are out of labels or satisfied with your item

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4 Responses to Rainbow Treasure Box

  1. psoutowood says:

    I really love this idea to deal with excess stickers and excess child energy! What is it about stickers that is so magical?

  2. I love this craft!! I am always looking for fun things to do with my daughter’s shoe boxes and this is an awesome one!!!

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