Ice Cream Cures Colds

Today was a raggedy, blah day. Both kids are suffering colds. I suspect that Jason is also cutting some teeth. He was fussy and difficult. Laura was sneezy and discontented, repeatedly telling me, “I’m bored. This is boring.” I felt dragged into the grumps.

In the middle of all the yucks, Laura said, “You know, Mom, ice cream cures colds.” She wanted some for her snack.  She emphasized her request by drawing a picture of a gigantic ice cream cone of strawberry, chocolate, and green apple ice cream.

Her desert tonight?  A bowl of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia.  After she was done, I asked if she  felt better.  She said she did.

What is your favorite cold remedy?


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15 Responses to Ice Cream Cures Colds

  1. Ooh, she’s smart. I need to start drawing pictures of the things I want most to convince my husband to make it for me. To feel better, obvsly. And for colds, I literally do nothing. I’m the worst about taking medicine. At most, I’ll make peppermint tea with honey. That soothes the throat for a minute or two. Hope everyone feels better!

  2. I too refuse medicine. So when we get colds around our house it means lots of Peppermint Tea, hot baths, Vicks VapoRub, and snuggling. And occasionally, ice cream. ^_~

  3. She’s a smart one.

    I can only take Peppermint tea when I’m sick.

    Which I am. *snurgle*

    Interesting to see so many others like it, too.

  4. shoes says:

    Ice cream sounds like a wonderful cure-all for colds and the general blahs. We use a lot of Vicks VaporRub (on the chest and the feet, but cover them with socks afterwards!) that seems to help with coughs. The boys like canned peaches, apple juice, and popcycles too.
    Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  5. ailsaf says:

    You’re funny. So is your daughter ;c)
    I wonder if you keep taking pictures of your Jason when he’s crying, maybe he will decide that crying is not all it’s cracked up to be. Just a thought. I’ve never had children…..
    And yes, ice cream and chocolate. I’m sure there is some truth to released endorphins actually taking away symptoms. I’ll have to look it up…
    Ailsa :c)

    • Beth says:

      Hmmm… I never considered crying pictures as possible future bribery tools. As I was taking the picture, I worried that I was being insensitive to his tears. Should I have immediately worked to calm him down rather than document the crying?

      • ailsaf says:

        Definitely not. Documenting crying is one of life’s small pleasures as a mother. (I’m trying to be funny here….;c) What I meant was that it was a way of distracting him from the crying (that is, if he’s not really hurting), so he’d say to himself, “Oh what is this thing she’s pointing at my face. Should I be watching it to see if it brings me food or something?”
        From what I can see, you are a great Mom!

      • Beth says:

        Thanks so much for the reassurance 🙂

  6. dogear6 says:

    Hey, I still have my cold. Can I come over for some ice cream too? That’s the best cure I’ve heard of for these nasty germs.

  7. Ann says:

    My boys love a bath when they feel bad. It helps with the boredom, the steam from the water helps clear their nose and the water brings down any temperature the boys might have. To make it special let them wear their swimming outfit…a day at the beach. They also like to put cold compresses on there necks or foreheads.

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