Sitting Chart Revisited

Laura and Completed Sitting Chart

Laura completed her Sitting Chart this week. Meals are no longer interrupted with Laura leaving her chair and me saying, “Laura, please sit down. Why are you up again?” She now asks permission before getting out of her seat.

Charts work really well because they:

      • Provide a carrot to reinforce positive behavior
      • Make an unconscious behavior conscious
      • Give ongoing feedback on progress

Laura’s reward for completing the chart was a visit to the Lutz Children’s Museum in Manchester, Connecticut.   The Lutz is a small, hands-on museum designed for young children.  Laura’s two favorite activities were milking a cow (statue) and petting Petunia the Chinchilla.

Laura and Petunia the Chinchilla at the Lutz Museum


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4 Responses to Sitting Chart Revisited

  1. I love Chincillas. I think there are such adorable animals.

    That’s a great idea with the chart! If I had kids, I would try that.

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