Lowering the Crib


Jason has learned the trick of pulling himself to a precarious, standing position. We lowered his crib mattress position when he started using the railing to stand. I managed to break his crib in the process.

Cruising furniture is next and then walking. Jason seems to be on an accelerated timeline compared to my memories of Laura’s babyhood. I’m not sure whether it is because our lives are busier, his development is faster, or my memory is faulty.

Why does it seem like time is going faster?


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4 Responses to Lowering the Crib

  1. The older our kids get, the faster time goes. But as a kid, it goes slow as ever. There’s got to be some formula that explains this phenomenon. Because there’s some trick to time that I haven’t quite put my finger on…

    • Beth says:

      Maybe it is relative to height. When you are little, everything looks so big. Once you are grown, some of the things that seemed so big like the top of the slide end up much smaller than the memory. Time is just another measure so could it be subject to the same shrink effect?

  2. BeingMama says:

    …because we are so much busier! 🙂

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