Oh My Stinky Feet!

Laura picked up the phrases, “OMG” and “Oh my God” at daycare. “OMG” doesn’t bother me too much, though she sounds like a 4 year old Valley Girl. “Oh my God” is a little different. Saying this phrase when I was a kid was punishable by a soap mouthwash. While I don’t think it is that severe a crime, I don’t want Laura to offend.

To give her something else to say in place of “Oh my God”, Laura and I brainstormed some alternative versions.

My suggestions:

    • Oh my daffodils!
    • Oh my elbow!
    • Oh my dog!
    • Oh my celery!

Her suggestions:

    • Oh my butt!
    • Oh my poopy mouth!
    • Oh my underpants!
    • Oh my stinky feet!

Four is the age where everything potty related is hilarious.   At this point, her alternatives are probably more offensive than the original.   My phrase substitution attempt was a failure.  My next strategy is to ignore and not react.  

What phrases do your kids say that you wish they would not say?

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6 Responses to Oh My Stinky Feet!

  1. I’m not there yet – but I’m kind of excited about seeing what she picks up…and I’ll probably kick myself for saying I’m excited about it.

    • Beth says:

      It is fun to hear Laura’s vocab grow. I have to work not to laugh sometimes. There was a Volvo commercial awhile ago with the dad driving his little girl. She chattered on and on. A 4 yo girl is really like that.

  2. shoes says:

    I had to work hard to get my 5 year old to stop with the “oh my God” expression (partially because I use it, ooops). First I stopped using it and then we switched our expression to “Oh rats!” or “Oh Crikey!”.
    Oh, yes – everything potty related is the funniest thing EVER!! 🙂

  3. Ann says:

    Greg was working on a forklift a few months ago and he raged at it for not starting. A few words came out that were definentally not meant for Trekker to hear and the one Trekker latched onto to was “Piece of @*%!”. I was horrified that my four year old started saying this every time he got angry or was ignored. In the world of a four year old where tempers fly and they always feel ignored he was saying this a lot. I ignored at first and the problem escalated. I thought about washing his mouth out but this would not work since he voluntarily will eat soap on his own and I do not wash out Greg’s mouth even though he needs it at times. So I frantically tried to think of an alternative. Trekker loves metal things more than anything so I thought maybe he could say “Piece of metal”. He loved it! So now at various times during conversations he will interject “Piece of meatal” much less offending and hillarious when he says it in the context that it was meant. I am grateful that Trekker changed it to something less offensive because Ira parrots everything that Trekker says.

    • Beth says:

      I’m trying to imagine a 4 year old willingly eating soap. Your soap must have a better taste than the orange bar soap we had growing up. Fast thinking on the “Piece of metal” substitution.

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