The Game I Hate to Win

Laura showing off her Candy Land game after unwrapping it on her 4th birthday

The Candy Land box is deceptive. It reads, “Join Me for a Sweet Adventure… Shouldn’t you share it with someone you love?”

If you haven’t played before, the premise is easy enough for ages 3 and up:
1. Pick a pawn, either red, yellow, green, or blue.
2. Draw a card from the pile.
3. Move the pawn to the colored square or character picture shown on the card.
4. Repeat until one of players reaches the end of the rainbow trail.

Candy Land has two problems:

    • Winning is random chance
    • The game is targeted to young children who have not yet learned to be good sports

Laura received Candy Land as a 4th birthday present in February. I hoped it would help teach taking turns and losing gracefully. Laura has mastered the taking turns part. She still has a lot to learn about losing gracefully. When I win, the “sweet adventure” becomes a bitter battle.

How do you teach your child that she or he will not always win?


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2 Responses to The Game I Hate to Win

  1. NoJobJulie says:

    I beat them, then model the behavior I want to see the model. Then when they win we discuss and compare.

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