More Eggnog, Please!

In this week between Christmas and New Year’s, I am a little melancholy. All the secrets and expectations for Christmas are over. The presents are unwrapped. One present, a purple alarm clock, is already broken. The tree is dropping needles, and the star atop is crooked.

To cheer myself, I found this picture of my mom as a girl. She is sitting next to her mother, holding a punch glass filled with eggnog. Her smile says, “Here’s to another great Christmas! Now please take my picture before I spill this eggnog all over my blue satin dress.”


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9 Responses to More Eggnog, Please!

  1. Paula says:

    awwww…sending manymanymany hugs ur way! 🙂

  2. Great pic.

    Thanks for the time travel…:)

  3. shoes says:

    I love old photographs of family!

  4. We can commiserate. I get the a case of the SADs for the entirety of December. But pictures like this sure do make me feel better!

    • Beth says:

      The shortening days do it to me. I don’t mind the winter cold, but the lack of light drains all my energy. Glad the picture brightened your day a little.

  5. MommaG says:

    In the background, right to left are Aunt Irma, Uncle Bill Kleve (one of few taken), and the half-person is his wife Estelle. I remember the dress, 7th grade, for one of “those” dances where the boys hug the walls on one side of the gym and the girls dance with one another on the other side. I still love eggnog at the holidays.

    • Beth says:

      Thank you for explaining who else was pictured. They were strangers to me. I’ve heard stories of great aunt Irma, but don’t remember ever connecting a face to her name.
      The dress is very memorable and lovely.

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