Help Wanted: Baby Manicurist

1 month old Laura getting nails filed

My least favorite child maintenance task is trimming the kids’ nails. Inevitably, I cut the nails too short and the cuticles bleed. Jason cries and squirms as I attempt to hold his hand still enough for nail trimming, but not so tight that it hurts him. Laura is old enough that I can bribe her with television. Still, she pulls away after each nail is clipped. I do a mental countdown as I cut each nail, “Only 5 more to go, only 4 more to go…”

As much I’d like to procrastinate this task, the signs that it is time to cut nails are hard to ignore:

    • Scratches on child’s face and body
    • Nails digging into my skin when child grabs my arm
    • Dirt under the nails

The best part about trimming the kids’ nails is that it is another week before I have to do it again.

What is your least favorite child maintenance task?


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9 Responses to Help Wanted: Baby Manicurist

  1. Barbara @ Just Another Manic Mommy says:

    I just wanted to say that I use baby nail scissors on my 6, 6, and 4 year olds still and they work great. I feel like I can get a better grip on scissors than clippers. But I do feel your pain!

  2. Always knew it was time for a trim when a babe would wake-up bleeding. I do enjoy the clippers though.
    That being said, I am very much looking forward to my kids being able to brush their own teeth. I mean really brush in a way that actually cleans teeth. Not this fighting me to do it themselves but really just sucking the toothpaste off like liquid candy and maybe going over one tooth twice – gross…..

    • Beth says:

      Teeth brushing is not so fun either. Sometimes, I do a sugar bug voice for my daughter to help hold her attention (“Laura, you’re teeth are so yummy. We want to eat them. Don’t brush us away. No, no, don’t spit…”). Also, my compromise on the brushing is that I do the night brushing and she does the morning brushing. I figure as long as she gets one good brushing in a day, we’re OK.

  3. yes – hate this task! But I must say that it’s better now – and I use a small clipper. The boys are used to it so there’s not as much drama…

  4. dadbloggit says:

    Hate the nail clipping. Really, really hate it. Cleaning out ears is another killer task. My 2-year-old won’t allow a q-tip within a foot of her head, so we periodically have to fully physically restrain her and use drops and squirters. Not a good situation.

    • Beth says:

      Ugh… I have not had to perform the ear cleanout too frequently. Definitely a 2 person job. Don’t you feel like a total ogre when you have to sit on your child even if it is for the best reasons? I sure do.

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