Chicken Beard


Is it wrong to laugh when your child turns her dinner into facial hair?


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Wife, mother of 2, worker bee - striving to balance roles and continually learn
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4 Responses to Chicken Beard

  1. dogear6 says:

    Nope. Enjoy them while you can and don’t get hung up on rules. Years from now she’ll remember you laughed with her.


  2. Momma G says:

    Remember the Pippi Longstocking wannabes who made spaghetti beards? I think appreciating the creativity once is OK, but the second time, a reminder about manners and not playing with food is in order. Laura is old enough to understand the difference between once for spontaneity and twice is an attention ploy. Momma G

    • Beth says:

      Thanks for reminding me of Pippi. I remember cutting the spaghetti with scissors as long strands hung from our mouths and also trying to talk with a mouth full of noodles. We had so much fun. The memory makes me more comfortable with letting Laura play a tiny bit with her food.

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