I Am Rude

The siren named iPhone

Today, I became that person. The person who talks on a cell phone with complete disregard of surroundings. The person who ignores service people.

I had an appointment today.  While I was waiting, I received a call from my boss.  I should have sent the call to voice mail.  I should have ended the call when it was my turn.  I didn’t.  The technician who was helping me asked me once to end the call.  I didn’t.  I kept talking and talking.

And so, I joined the ranks of rudeness.  I treated someone with disrespect.  I am ashamed and embarrassed by my behavior.  My husband tells me that I should acknowledge the lesson learned and move on.  But I am a brooder.

Should I send a letter of apology?  I could try to find out the technician’s name.  She told me, but I’ve forgotten.


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Wife, mother of 2, worker bee - striving to balance roles and continually learn
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9 Responses to I Am Rude

  1. dogear6 says:

    I think it’s unlikely you’d get the letter to the right person. No matter how hard we try, each of us at some point does that. It’s another lesson for the game of life to be applied forward.

    My 25 cents.


  2. So sad. I would hate to feel that way after the fact, too. Sometimes we get stuck in a situation and have an out-of-body experience. Like we just watch it and wonder why the heck we aren’t doing anything differently. Don’t fret, you’re a good person!!

    • Beth says:

      Exactly – very out of body. Also made me realize that I cannot effectively prioritize and multitask. Thanks for the reassurance, Jell.

  3. I would have brooded about it as well. But, what’s done is done and fretting about it is only going to rob you of energy. Most likely, the technician has forgotten about you because you were probably one of the many who kept talking on a cell phone that day and faces tend to blur together. I would just make it a goal to try and not to do it again.

  4. Momma G says:

    I, like you, brood over my mistakes. If you did write a letter of apology, you would feel better about the incident. The important thing is to process the incident, noting the lesson, and move on, trying not to repeat the behavior again. The fact that you have acknowledged the mistake is the first step.

    • Beth says:

      I’m focusing on moving on. The cringe worthy memory reinforces the mistake and will hopefully prevent future cell phone misbehavior.

  5. ailsaf says:

    I would call the office, ask to speak to the technician in question, and apologize. This will not only make you feel better but also ensure that the technician feels like she was actually heard and acknowledged as a human being. Otherwise she will never know how you feel and that she was actually not invisible. It will make her day. I know this because one day when I was running my own store, a woman was very rude to me; it became so unbearable that I actually turned my back to her until she left. Sometime later that day, she phoned the store and actually apologized for her behaviour. It meant the world to me for her to do that and I’m sure it allowed her to move on.

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