Coyote in the Yard

The coyote loped into the yard from the woods. The movement caught my eye as I sat at my desk working. He cut a path across the back yard, sniffing at the deer tracks left in last night’s snow. His body was thin with matted fur and a chewed up tail. Soon after I captured his picture, he disappeared back into the woods.


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5 Responses to Coyote in the Yard

  1. shoes says:

    Wow – that is pretty cool.

  2. the waiting says:

    We occasionally had deer in our huge backyard when I was growing up. Such a cool experience to have real, live wild animals so close!

  3. Momma G says:

    He’s probably been feasting on pheasants. Might not be a bad idea to notify the local conservation officer since his appearance is so close to a residential area. They may want to live trap and move him away from your locale. People are not happy when pets start disappearing. Rabies is always a concern as well.

    • Beth says:

      The coyote looked very thin and unhealthy, so maybe the pheasants escaped. I haven’t seen her since, so maybe just a one-time thing.

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