The Kitchen Sink

Breakfast done, I took up my post at the kitchen sink on Sunday morning. Laura had my camera and captured me rinsing the dishes. My back was to her as I gazed into the back yard. The counter still needed to be cleared, and I was still wearing my pajamas.

I remember my mom at the kitchen sink when I was a girl. A big family generates lots of dishes. Except for Sundays, my mom didn’t delegate the dishes. I think she liked the quiet time. We avoided disturbing her, knowing that if we did, we would need to help with wiping the table or putting away leftovers.

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4 Responses to The Kitchen Sink

  1. Barbara @ Just Another Manic Mommy says:

    family life does revolve around the kitchen sink at times…and each of my babies were bathed in it 🙂

  2. Momma G says:

    While standing at the sink, I remember multiplying by averages the number of plates, utensils, glasses, etc. that I washed over a fifteen year period. The number was staggering as I pictured a tower of thousands of plates. I never minded much because washing dishes was a good time to gather my thoughts about the day. In fact, a highlight I remember was a few times when one of the kids would sit on the adjoining counter and share the day with me, having my undivided attention for one of the few times during the day.

    • Beth says:

      I’ve done the multiplication with bottle parts as I rinsed, loaded in the dishwasher, unloaded onto the drying rack, and put away. With 6 parts per bottle, the numbers grow quickly. My totals are slight in comparison to the dishes you washed.

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