Unlikely Sunday Snow Scenario

Unlikely scenario: Low tracks close to East Coast, resulting in a winter storm; image from http://www.weather.com

The Weather Channel is predicting a nice weekend for the East Coast with just the slightest possibility of a major snow storm on Sunday. If the storm arrives, it would be a break from the mild winter we’ve been experiencing. With the exception of a major blizzard on Halloween weekend, our snow totals have been low.

Perhaps foolishly, I find myself longing for snow. To curb this craving, I look to my photo archives and vicariously enjoy wintry weather without the cold toes and shoveling.

My parents sledding before kids


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8 Responses to Unlikely Sunday Snow Scenario

  1. I like what looks like a giant wolf up behind them. Watch out! Slide faster!

  2. Uncle Pete says:

    Wow….I had to look twice but Mark really looks like dad in that picture.

    • Momma G says:

      Pete, that is Dad. I may be mistaken, but I believe that picture was taken of Dad and I in Boston years and years ago. The dog in the background, I believe, was Christy, Uncle George’s dog.

    • Beth says:

      I had to look several times, too. I know the picture is Dad, but it sure looks like little Mark. The resemblance is very strong.

  3. Such a cute photo. And I love that your fam connect to this picture (and your blog) so much.

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