Sugaring Season

The hoses and 5 gallon water jugs appeared a couple weeks ago. I noticed them as I drove along the main road close to our house. It took a few passes for me to figure out what I was seeing: maple trees tapped to collect sap for making maple syrup. The bigger maples are surrounded by 2 or more water jugs attached by white tubing and blue spigots.


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5 Responses to Sugaring Season

  1. Momma G says:

    Spring is coming! Out here in the garden beds, I have noticed bulbs coming up, tulips, crocuses, even saw a snowdrop blooming. Near a building, I even saw some roses with new leaves forming, a real surprise this early.

    • Beth says:

      The spring signs are arriving. We’re watching the spot where we planted the daffodil bulbs you sent Laura, waiting for sprouts.

      • Momma G says:

        Be sure to show her how the buds are swelling on the trees. I thought I saw some crocuses blooming today, but when I got closer, I discovered the purple blooms were miniature Japanese irises! I wonder if this variety comes from the snowy slopes of Japan where an iris variety may have been developed to bloom in cooler weather. The entire plant was barely three inches tall; that’s why I thought at first they were crocuses.

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