Fear of the Last Bite


Three separate, almost finished food items sat in the lunchroom at the end of the day. Lettuce remnants and a single tomato wilted in the bottom of a salad bowl. A sweet sat alone in a blue tin, and crumbs of a spicy crisp lingered in a clear, plastic container. Nobody wanted to take the last morsels.

This is an unwritten code both at work and home. Is it fear of being perceived as greedy? Or is it avoiding the work of cleaning and replacing? Collectively, are we saying, “1-2-3! Not it!” by leaving the dregs to decay unconsumed?

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2 Responses to Fear of the Last Bite

  1. Momma G says:

    My vote says some of both motives are in play. In a group setting, unless one is especially comfortable in the group, silent manners says taking the last piece may prevent someone else from enjoying a last bite, so no one partakes. Occasionally, a bold person may say, “Does anyone else want this? or more politely, “Will someone share this with me?” In the home setting, a different rule applies, the one who empties a dish, plate, pitcher, etc. is expected to at least carry it to the sink to be washed, especially one that is in the fridge. I can remember a few occasions when just enough was left in a pitcher in the fridge to avoid having to wash it.

  2. Somebody doesn’t get the plate-cleaner award.

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