Screaming with Laughter

Jason is discovering his voice. He and Laura play a shrieking call and response game, sometimes in the car and sometimes at dinner. He screams, Laura screams back, Jason laughs, and they start all over again. I captured some video of their game last week, and have been replaying it whenever I need a smile. Laura says in the video, “I’m pretending that I’m scared of Jason’s loud noise. He likes it.”

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8 Responses to Screaming with Laughter

  1. Momma G says:

    So very fun! Thanks for sharing; we laughed too.

  2. The Waiting says:

    Sweet babies! Love this 🙂

  3. Barbara @ Just Another Manic Mommy says:

    there’s nothing better than the intoxicating laughs of babies and children!

  4. betsyk1 says:

    It sounded like it would be horrible, but it’s actually sweet!

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