Cheerios Comparison

Laura at 11 months old

Jason at 11 months old

Laura is 4 years, 2 months, and 5 days older than Jason. Over that time, I have forgotten a lot of the little details of her babyhood. I can’t definitively say when she started to crawl, cruise the furniture, or stand up by herself. I look through photos to remember, trying hard not to compare milestones between the kids.

Yet, when I find photos of the kids in a similar pose and age, the comparisons are unavoidable. The photos show me the differences between the kids. Their face shapes are different – Laura’s face round and chubby, Jason’s face oval and long. I was more dutiful putting a bib on Laura than on Jason. The photos also show the similarities. Their hair parts the same and has similar color and texture. Both kids have a tendency towards little scratches on their cheeks because I procrastinate on trimming their finger nails. Both are my Cheerios munching babies and fill my heart with expressionless feelings of love.


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10 Responses to Cheerios Comparison

  1. Momma G says:

    lots of trust in those eyes. . . very humbling to be a parent.

    • Beth says:

      Truly humbling to be a parent. In the middle of daily routines, it is easy to forget the amount of trust our children have in us to be good parents.

  2. shoes says:

    Cheerio sweetness!

  3. dogear6 says:

    I loved the pictures! I could really see the difference between them. Cheerios are a constant for nearly every baby.


  4. BeingMama says:

    I love this. Such cute babies! I keep intending to make this direct comparison as well. My kids are also four years apart, like yours.

    • Beth says:

      I love the 4 year gap in age. It was a little wider a gap then we originally were planning, but has worked out really well. It is nice having a mostly independent child who loves to help with the baby.

  5. I’m comparing this pregnancy to the last one constantly; I bet I’ll do the same for actual children. The first are such trail blazers, aren’t they?

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