Blog Unhappiness

Darn.  What’s going on?  The error message appeared when I attempted to open the Dashboard.  I started basic troubleshooting to determine the scope of the issue.

The most pressing question – Had my blog ceased to exist?  I went to my blog URL (not through Dashboard), and all was OK.

The next question – was the error specific to the browser session?  I opened another tab in the same browser window and received the error.  I closed out of the browser window completely and re-opened Chrome.  Hooray! my dashboard opened with no further error messages.  A momentary hiccup.

If the issue had persisted, I would have done a few further checks before reaching out to tech support:

  • Was the error browser specific? Attempt access through IE, Firefox, or Safari.
  • Was the error across all methods of accessing WordPress?  Attempt a post through the app on iPhone.
  • Were other users experiencing the same issue?  Google the error message.

I’ve worked on the insides of applications, partnering with developers to roll-out new functionality and troubleshoot bugs.  Dealing with a system outage is an exercise of communication, coordination, and sometimes luck.  I am not often on the customer side of the tech support equation.  Tonight was a reminder that the person experiencing an error message just wants stuff to work the way it always works and does not care about server maintenance or load balancing or the stars being out of alignment.

I just want to be able to post happy pictures like these of the kids’ new sunhats and a beautiful blue day.



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Wife, mother of 2, worker bee - striving to balance roles and continually learn
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10 Responses to Blog Unhappiness

  1. shoes says:

    Ugh! Sorry about your technical difficulties, they can be so frustrating. As I am sure you have noticed my gravitar misbehaves quite often and does not show the picture of me I want it to unless you put your mouse over it. It used to drive me crazy all the time, now it only drives me nuts several times a day…
    Glad you were able to post those pictures – cute kids in cute sun hats!

    • Beth says:

      Perhaps the photo issue is resolved? I see you looking cool in your shades next to your comment.

      • shoes says:

        Yes it is!!! At least I hope so. I am more happy about this then anyone can imagine. I had to call in my IT help (i.e. Husband who is a computer programmer and does not bother himself with blogs and such (except mine that is.)) I am simply giddy with actually having a picture and not some random pixelated robot to represent me.

  2. You handled your technical difficulties WAY better than I would have. I probably would’ve squeaked in disgust and handed my laptop to Hubs. You already know I can’t handle even the littlest hiccup with such things.

    • Beth says:

      My hubby is my much more knowledgeable and experienced backup. He does things with hardware and software that makes me weak in the knees. Hooray for husbands!

  3. hate tech difficulties too!

  4. Momma G says:

    My techie genius, I am sorry for your frustration, but glad to read that just sometimes the error is not mine. That phrase “garbage in, garbage out” has always validated my ineptness with technology. Although I have improved, I still feel incapable or much more than “reboot,” which seems to be the default to solve most problems I encounter. As with anything mechanical from cars to vacuums, you have written correctly when you said for all of us that, bottom line, we just want the _________ to work, given reasonable care and maintenance, without any problems. I would add that the ___________ should continue working problem-free until its usefulness has passed. Children really thwart that equation, contributing to the “planned obsolescence” that most manufacturers factor into their sales projections. It’s all a plot to contribute to stress levels and the use of tranquilizers and anti-depressants.

    • Beth says:

      “When in doubt, reboot out” does help in a lot of situations. I never connected manufacturers with a plot to make everyone dependent on anti-depressants 🙂

  5. dogear6 says:

    Loved the hats!

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