This Entrance is Temporarily Closed

Sign reads: * Colestown Cemetery* This Entrance IS TEMPORARILY CLOSED due to accident. Please use our side entrance. Thank You.

Two questions on this sign:
1. Why does a sign of 17 words require 6 different font styles?
2. Who is the target reader for this sign – the living or the dead?

Colestown Cemetery is located at the intersection of Church Road and Kings Highway in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.


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8 Responses to This Entrance is Temporarily Closed

  1. The Waiting says:

    Questions for the ages.

    • Beth says:

      Pondering deep things and hoping I may continue to avoid both the side and front entrance of that particular place. I was excited to see that you were back to blogging and that all is well with you and Miss C.

  2. Dude, and that sign is huge. Great point about the abundance of fonts. And wouldn’t the gate being closed be enough of a temporary closure indication?

  3. shoes says:

    I suppose if I was a sign maker I might occasionally get bored and play around with fonts thinking that no one would notice. 🙂

    • Beth says:

      Good point – I’ve been writing manuals / training materials. The topic is very dry. I keep wondering whether I could slip a joke into the manuals without anyone even noticing.

  4. Momma G says:

    I wonder how old this entrance is. Looking at the construction materials and technique, I would say the builders were seeking permanence. From the scaffolding, I surmise that someone careened into the wall with enough force that some of the stones were loosened in such a way that the integrity of the arch is threatened. I wonder if that person became a resident there as a result. I wonder if a committee of residents is trying to decide what to do. Cost estimates for repair, building codes for earthquake stability, and so forth. Maybe a “save the arch” campaign will be launched to raise funds. Sure a problem of this magnitude deserves a multi-font approach.

    • Beth says:

      The cemetery is more than 100 years old. I tried a google search to find out what happened, but the results were a lot of obituaries of people who had unfortunate accidents that resulted in their burial at the cemetery. You may be right that a multi-tiered campaign deserves a multi-font approach.

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