Ladies and Women Restroom

The two restroom doors are next to each other at work.  During my once a week visit to the corporate office, I walk past these doors several times and find myself theorizing the cause of the signage discrepancy.   Is it poor attention to detail or a veiled insult to women?

Pick your favorite theory. The women’s restroom requires two different signs (Ladies and Women) because the building manager _______________.

a. had an extra sign and did not want to waste it
b. was unable to remove the old sign without damaging the door
c. believes women need to be told everything twice, even where to find the restroom
d. categorizes females into two distinct categories – Ladies and Women; all men are Gentlemen, but all women are not Ladies
e. none of the above


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6 Responses to Ladies and Women Restroom

  1. The Waiting says:

    Maybe the building manager is just really excited about synonyms (?)

    • Beth says:

      I’ll post if I notice additional synonym signs (a phrase that makes me crave cinnamon toast). This could be a call for help from the thesaurus obsessed.

  2. Uncle Pete says:

    It’s e none of the above….its actually an extra warning to gentlemen that the are about to enter a danger zone they shouldn’t be in and wanted to give even more warning too poor guys like me that aren’t paying attention to where they are going and need to STOP….hence the red lettering.

    • Beth says:

      Ah! Sounds like you have experienced this. In desperate for a bathroom pregnancy days, I walked into a men’s room and used the toilet before realizing I went into the wrong door. Some renovations were in progress, so the bathrooms had been re-assigned. Fortunately, it was after hours.

  3. My best guess would be that the sign on the wall was purchased because of the braille text so it could be handicapped-accessible. Most of these signs say “women” as opposed to “ladies.” I’m guessing on the sign on the door is the oldest and was there first before building code mandated braille signs.

    • Beth says:

      Julie – excellent point on the braille signs being the reason for a new restroom sign. I now wonder whether the braille on the sign matches the written label.

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