4 Generations of Birthday Parties

Birthday Party, 1950's, my dad is 3rd child from right

Birthday Party, 1950's or 1960's, paternal grandfather is on right

Birthday Party, 1987; I'm 4th from the left about to eat my sister Ellen's hair

65th Birthday Party for Harabudgi, November 2010

My family has 3 birthdays this week. My baby sister, Sarah, and Jason both had a birthday on 4/14. Today is the birthday of my big sister, Ellen. To celebrate, here are photos from birthdays past spanning 4 generations.


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10 Responses to 4 Generations of Birthday Parties

  1. Momma G says:

    What nice memories!

  2. The Waiting says:

    Aww love it! Happy birthday to all and may they have many, many more!

  3. shoes says:

    I really love your posts with generations of pictures.
    I wonder what they are all looking at on the ceiling in the first picture…

    • Beth says:

      I wonder too – maybe a balloon? I like doing the generations of pictures posts, so am going to try to do one every week or so. A few years ago, I scanned some picture albums for my dad. This gave me a huge archive of family photos to draw upon.

      • shoes says:

        That is so great! I wish we had a scanner. I have lots of childhood pictures, some great ones of my dad, that I would love to get on the computer. Perhaps I will ask Santa for a scanner this Christmas. šŸ™‚

  4. dogear6 says:

    I love it when you do these generational pictures! Although your Dad is not much older than I am – boy does THAT make me feel old. Of course, I also can’t believe I have a 30 year old daughter either.

    • Beth says:

      Thanks, Nancy. Still owe you a post… How do you keep up with writing 2 blogs?

      • dogear6 says:

        I’m not right now. I’m not keeping up with much of anything except work. Remember though I’m an empty nester – it makes a huge difference. Unfortunately I don’t have the energy I used to either!

        Don’t worry about the post. I’ll do something later and reference your blog instead. Enjoy your little ones instead and now the nicer weather coming.

  5. Molly Seal says:

    I love the group picture of Ellen’s Bday. You all are so young. Too Cute.

    • Beth says:

      When I see our younger selves, I think about how much has happened and whether we would have predicted where each of us is today.

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