First Solo 100 Piece Puzzle

My first 100 piece puzzle was Rocky and Bullwinkle; November 1980. Finishing this puzzle is one of my early memories. I remember my mom making me pull out the last piece of the puzzle so that she could take a photo of the last piece.

Laura’s first 100 piece puzzle was Polly Pockets at the beach; May 2012. Laura worked on puzzles during quiet time instead of taking a nap. Like my mom did 32 years before, I had Laura pose with her puzzle.

Laura provided the following report of how she completed the puzzle. In 30 seconds, she explains the secret to solving puzzles.


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9 Responses to First Solo 100 Piece Puzzle

  1. Momma G says:

    Way to go, Laura! Just the beginning . . .

  2. Ann says:

    That is awesome to have very similar pictures of the same activity. How does Laura relate to pictures of you as a little girl? Trekker also loves to do puzzles he has just recentally started doing them himself. Excellant activity when I want some time to do something without my little helper.

    • Beth says:

      It is a relief to find activities that little ones can do on their own. Laura loves to hear stories and look at pictures of when I was a little girl. Pictures help to connect our past and present.

  3. shoes says:

    Nice job Laura – 1000 pieces is a serious puzzle in my book.

  4. She did patience! If only I could do patience, too.

    I always hid a piece so I could be the one to put the last one in. I’m sneaky like that. Although my Hubs said I could just be the one to put the last one in without hiding it. Old habits die hard.

    • Beth says:

      Laura has borrowed from your playbook. She sets aside the last bit to retain exclusive rights to it as well. Hopefully, she will one day have an understanding hubs like yours.

  5. Maggie says:

    Love it! I am not a puzzle fan–I do not do patience–so I am extra impressed.

    • Beth says:

      Laura’s persistence is admirable, though there are times that I wish she would relent in some areas of her life. As I’m typing this, I still hear her calling out for Snugglie an hour after he was taken away as punishment for bedtime misdemeanors.

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