Two Gallons a Week

Our weekly milk consumption doubled when Jason turned one and started drinking cow’s milk. Now, our fridge is stocked with a gallon each of 2% (for Laura and me) and whole (for Jason and Jung).

Our milk usage increase comes at a good time. According to Agrimoney, dairy prices in April fell to their lowest point since 2009 and, “in the US, we have milk coming out of our ears.”

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13 Responses to Two Gallons a Week

  1. shoes says:

    Our milk consumption is close to yours. We go through one and a half gallons a week. Husband and I are not big milk drinkers but the boys sure are. Nice to know the milk prices are at a new low – “the world is flush with milk” – made me laugh!

    • Beth says:

      The phrases in the article were interesting. I imagined the writer working hard to add pizzazz to the agriculture business news, if only to make it interesting for herself.

  2. Momma G says:

    I can recall our family consuming 6-7 gallons a week when the boys were teenagers. Can you remember John coming home from football practice and up-ending a third of a gallon jug of milk and thinking nothing of it? I think it’s sad that soda is cheaper than milk, especially since the consequences of drinking soda are so far-reaching and negative. Instead of banning bake sales in the fight against obesity, attacking the addiction to soda would be a much more effective measure.

  3. Barbara @ Just Another Manic Mommy says:

    we were at that point until last year when my son (a formerly and avid milk drink drinker) decided milk was no longer for him. i went from a gallon and a half per week to less than a half gallon!

  4. This makes me feel like I’ve clipped coupons! We go through an absurd amount of milk, too.

    • Beth says:

      Before kids, we were lucky to finish a half gallon before it expired. Now, the milk empties so quickly that I sometimes need to do a special grocery run to pickup more.

  5. Milk is still expensive where I live. I found out that a local grocery store puts milk on sale every other week, so I buy two gallons at a time to last my husband and I until the next sale. Maybe a store near you does the same?

    • Beth says:

      Good suggestion. I haven’t watched the prices closely enough to get a good gauge of the sales, so will have to be more alert.

  6. Maggie says:

    Ha! We go through at least two gallons a week–at first skim and whole, then skim and two percent, and now skim and one percent (much to Mike’s disappointment). Zoe is such a big milk fan that she ended up basically drinking milk instead of eating meals, so now she is almost exclusively a skim milk drinker (and doesn’t seem to notice the difference). I always wait till I can buy two gallons at a time, because “the milk store” sells two gallons for 5.50 (formerly 2 for 5 dollars, so I don’t know about this story on low milk prices), and you have to buy the two gallons to get the deal. Drug stores and gas stations usually have good deals on milk, and I agree–I had to buy milk at Walmart last week–that is the worst place to buy it.

    And, holy buckets, who knew I had so much to say about milk?

    • Beth says:

      Jung is a whole milk fan, and only begrudgingly uses 2% milk for cereal. Now that I’m stocking whole milk for Jason, this might be a chance to shift Laura and I to 1% or skim :). We had a milk store (Heritage’s Dairy) close to us in NJ. They had a milk club so that after getting enough punches on a card, we’d get a gallon for free. I haven’t found an equivalent in CT, though make an effort to purchase milk more locally produced. Walmart is sneaky on prices – you think all things are less expensive there, but they aren’t.

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