Commuting Sentence

The pain point: merging, crossing traffic immediately before an off ramp. Commuters exiting the Mass Turnpike west bound toll plazas who want to take I-95 North must dosado with the commuters exiting the Mass Turnpike east bound toll plazas who want to take I-95 South. This clear, midday photo from Google Maps is deceptive. Rush hour and rain turns this area to a mosh pit.

I drive to the Boston area one day a week for work. The drive should take a little less than two hours each way. The reality is that the drive in takes 2 1/2 hours plus, with at least 15 minutes of them spent at the toll plaza pictured below. I have time to contemplate questions like:

  • Why are Massachusetts express toll lanes sponsored by Citizens Bank?
  • How should this interchange be re-engineered to make it more efficient?
  • Why did the lady at the next toll booth exit her car, open her trunk, remove something from the trunk, close her trunk, get back into her car, and then pay the toll?

I also have time to appreciate that 4 days a week my commute consists of dropping the kids at daycare and returning to my home office to log into work.

The sign at the booth reads, “COMING SOON We are Changing our Name. Citizens Bank Fast Lane Will Become E-ZPass”.  

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5 Responses to Commuting Sentence

  1. Deb says:

    For some strange reason, the traffic map image made me think of George Jetson, and how handy it would be to have one of those mini-bubble-helicopters he had. Hmmm…

    • Beth says:

      A bubble helicopter or tele-porter would be awesome. I’ve heard on the news that Google is now doing road tests on a self-driving car. Maybe in a decade, we will have auto-pilot to handle the commute.

  2. Momma G says:

    Comment about the lady getting out of her car at the toll plaza: she probably discovered she had put her purse in the trunk and had to retrieve it to pay the toll. I can feel your frustration. Such a merge is surely one that raises blood pressure and brings ugly thoughts to mind. Is commuting at a less busy time a possibility? That would probably be too simplistic to consider.

  3. Blerg. I hate traffic. Being traffic, specifically.

  4. BeingMama says:

    Hi Beth, I love visiting your blog and seeing the love you have for your children through the words and photos. I nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award. If you decide to participate, you can find out what to do here:

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