Poppy, the Popsicle Princess

Poppy, the Popsicle Princess
Mixed Materials, 2012

This piece is an especially fine example of the decorative arts popular with mothers and grandmothers. The great simplicity resonates with the viewer, evoking emotions of joy and whimsy.  The googly eyes, red ink smile, and vibrant pipe cleaner hair energize the simple Styrofoam ball, transforming a blank sphere into a puppet character for the ages.

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Wife, mother of 2, worker bee - striving to balance roles and continually learn
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4 Responses to Poppy, the Popsicle Princess

  1. Momma G says:

    One could add that the two analogous color schemes effectively separate the work into upper and lower sectors, united by the surprise accent of orange at the very bottom of the piece.

  2. Absolutely. Could be displayed in the pop art section in the San Francisco MOMA, based on my recent visit. It would fit right in.

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