The Bitter Bottle Battle

Immediately before and after being given a bottle

At 8 months, I attempted to wean Jason straight to a sippy cup. This first attempt failed after Jason came down with a stomach flu that caused a precipitous drop in his weight. We went back to bottles.

At his 1 year checkup, Jason’s pediatrician suggested we work to eliminate bottles before Jason reached 15 months. We cut out his 2-3 day bottles, leaving a morning and night bottle. This went smoothly. Jason willingly drinks water from a sippy cup during the day.

A month ago, we decided to cut the morning bottle. Our rationale was that in the morning Jason was so hungry that he would accept milk from any drinking vessel. Jason has not been cooperating with this well thought out rationale. He refuses milk from all sippy cups. We are holding firm – no bottles in the morning.

Our sippy cup collection includes Nuk, First Years, Munchkin, Playtex, Nalgene, Avent, and ZoLi. None have lured Jason into becoming a sippy cup milk drinker.

This leaves us with the 8 oz night bottle as Jason’s sole source of milk. The night bottle is also our delivery method of choice for his daily dose of poly-vi-sol, DHA supplement, and Miralax. On Monday during his 15 month checkup, Jason’s pediatrician reassured me that he can get plenty of calcium from other sources. She suggested that we continue our approach of offering milk in the morning and at meals. Eventually, he will transition and she wasn’t overly concerned with him continuing his night bottle. I will postpone the final bottle battle for now.

Jason’s pediatrician suggested yogurt, cheese, and orange juice with calcium to meet the daily recommended intake of 500 mg of calcium per day. Jason agrees with the recommendation

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11 Responses to The Bitter Bottle Battle

  1. dogear6 says:

    Our battle was over giving up the pacifier. Surprisingly, our dentist was the one who finally talked her out of it (obviously she was older than Jason at the time). I never thought she’d give it up until kindergarten though.


    • Beth says:

      Smart dentist. Neither of my kids would take pacifiers, though both have firm attachments to blankies. Laura is starting kindergarten this fall, and still sleeps and sucks on her snugglie. I don’t have the heart to take away her oldest friend.

      • dogear6 says:

        I wouldn’t bother at this point. Peer pressure will take care of it shortly. There probably won’t even be tears except on your part that your baby is growing up.

  2. Paula says:

    UGHHHHH HE IS SO CUTE AND WE MISS YALL…le sigh. 😦 please show the kids our pics often (pref daily, but i understand u guys have busy schedules) so they dont forget about us city-folk. 🙂

    • Beth says:

      Miss you, too! We have the family calendar hanging in the kitchen. July reminds me of how big the kids are getting. So glad we have those pictures.

  3. The before photo of Jason is heartbreaking. I am a softy for giving children things they like for comfort. I figure eventually they all give them up on their own.

  4. Dude, I had a ROUGH time getting Eebs off the bottle. I think we went until 2 when she finally gave up the night bottle. And the only way I could do it was by giving her a sippie and a pacifier, which we had already weened her from. Now I don’t know what to do about the paci! It’s only in bed, I tell myself. We’ll see what happens by age 3.

    • Beth says:

      In these battle of wills, its hard to figure out who wins in the end. EB may have had a secret strategy to get her paci back by clinging to the bottle. My pediatrician said that you don’t see 5 year olds drinking from bottles, so not to worry. But then I think of that strange obsession show on TLC and worry that one day my children will be on as grownups discussing their blankies.

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