Closet Invaders

Jason, 15 months old, July 2012. Hiding out in the closet and creating puzzle piece pandemonium.

Laura, 11 months old, January 2008. Tipping her laundry basket and waving a hanger.

We’ve baby proofed much of the house, and we try to keep the non-baby friendly places behind closed doors. Yet young toddlers are intrepid explorers and seize opportunities. Jason snuck into Laura’s room and found her puzzles on the closet floor. Laura at a similar age had her own baby adventures in her closet.

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8 Responses to Closet Invaders

  1. OMG the puzzles. Were they all mixed together??

    I have been trying to be fine with EB making a mess as long as (important) things are broken. Like her. So taking out all of her sippie cups in the living room? I nod and let it happen. Bringing all of her shoes and blankets out for play time? I guess she’s learning something. It’s like corking a dam, you just have to run with it sometimes, right?

  2. shoes says:

    Kids the world around enjoy dumping things out and if possible climbing into the newly opened spaces. 🙂 The puzzle piece chaos makes me shiver with the thought of having to clean it up.

    • Beth says:

      Kids seem attracted to chaos. Laura did the cleanup, earning much helper praise and saving me from having to cleanup at the same time as keeping Jason from making additional mess.

  3. Momma G says:

    What a great challenge for Laura to sort and put together the mixed-up puzzles! I remember you dumping pieces together and working several similar ones at the same time. That adds increased dimension to puzzling, especially to ones that she is already familiar with. If Laura was dismayed with her brother’s invasion, she probably has to make a decision about a better place to store her puzzles. Jason was thoroughly enjoying himself, wasn’t he?

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