The Adventure of the Red Race Car

The Secret Agent was on a training mission to learn new high speed chase techniques.

His lesson was cut short when the Robed Marauder arrived and started a real high speed chase.

The Secret Agent tried all his tricks to shake the Robed Marauder. But she relentlessly followed him.

He finally managed to wrestle her to the ground and make his exit.

In the fray, the Secret Agent’s red race car was thrown aside.

The Robed Marauder found the red race car and hid it in her bumblebee hideout.

The Secret Agent hit the bottle when he realized his red race car was stolen. As he brooded, he remembered a rumor he once heard about the location of the Robed Marauder’s lair.

He scaled the treacherous stairs on the faint hope that the rumor would prove accurate.

His journey was long. When he attained the hallway with 3 doors, the Secret Agent knew that he had arrived at his destination.

The Secret Agent crept through the Robed Marauder’s lair until he found the bumblebee. There, he saw his red race car nestled beneath the bee’s smiling face.

After a bold escape from the Robed Marauder’s lair too dangerous to describe here, the Secret Agent  crawled into his home base exhausted and victorious. His red race car was safe.

This was written at Laura’s request for another Secret Agent adventure. For past adventures, check out The Adventure of the Golden Bubble Bottle and Undercover Investigation.

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11 Responses to The Adventure of the Red Race Car

  1. shoes says:

    I adore all your Secret Agent adventures!! They crack me up. Please thank Laura for her request for yet another emotion packed, edge of your seat, adventure.

  2. Deb says:

    Love these! When are you going to publish???

  3. Oh, those kids. Highly entertaining to each other, to you, and to us.

    • Beth says:

      The screaming and chasing games are now in full force. Lots of fun to watch the 2 entertain each other now that Jason is mobile. I’m looking forward to reading the adventures of your 2 little girls when A2 is on the scene to share the spotlight with EB.

  4. Momma G says:

    So very special, a great way to exercise your creative writing talent.

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