The Wind in Our Willow

The NBC News Truck arrived in our neighborhood by the time I arrived home from the circuitous detour needed to get from our house to the kid’s daycare and back on Friday. This was a further sign that the high winds experienced that day were abnormal. Though the news reassured that a tornado did not touch down, the weather event caused a lot of destruction.

The willow tree that had previously survived a hurricane and a heavy snowstorm last autumn fell before the wind, covering the screened in porch with its branches. We did not know whether the porch was damaged.

Laura cried.  She loved the willow.  All summer, we watched a pair of downy woodpeckers fly in and out of its trailing branches.  We played in its generous shade and rested on its knobby knees. But willows are weak trees with shallow roots.  They do not hold strong and tall in the face of wind.

The power was out from Friday afternoon until Saturday morning.  Jason ran through the house with a battery powered lantern, and Laura chased after him with a flashlight.  Jung reminded me not to flush the toilet, since our well pump relies on electricity to bring water up from the ground.   I forgot.  Twice.

Saturday brought the work of filing an insurance claim and getting quotes for removing the tree. The lowest quote was $2,500, the highest $2,800. One guy offered to fake the invoice, adding our insurance deductible to the total. We were not prepared to commit insurance fraud to save $1,000.

And then our neighbor Jonathan showed up at our door. He, his son, Sam, and his chainsaw worked all afternoon to help us clear the willow tree. The porch roof was undamaged. A red maple had caught the willow like a gentleman catching a swooning lady. The backyard is now full sun, instead of part shade, and we are awed by the generosity of neighbors we had never even met before a willow fell on our house.

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8 Responses to The Wind in Our Willow

  1. paula says:

    oh goodness…glad to hear that all is/was okie!!! so nice of ur neighbor!!! love ur words/pics as always! 🙂 counting down the days til labor day weekend…wahooooooo!!! 🙂

  2. shoes says:

    I am sorry to hear about the loss of your beautiful willow tree. It is nice to know your neighbors are there in a time of need. Oh, and give Mr. Red Maple a little hug for all his help.

  3. Wow! Thank goodness you’re all okay. That sounds like a crazy storm.

  4. What wonderful neighbors! They are keepers!!!

  5. Deb Denis says:

    Beth, so glad the family is ok. Relieved the house is ok. In awe at the goodness of your neighbors. That’s some sweet karma.

  6. Holy cow! I’m always sad when trees bite it. My yard is filled with weak or invasive trees, so I’m constantly moving dead limbs somewhere in the back until the pile is too big to ignore. I’m impressed that you moved that beauty so quickly! But then again, it was on your porch. I’d like to think I’d be motivated to do the same.

  7. Momma G says:

    Wow! and Whoa! What a happening at your house! The loss of a tree is always sad; losing a beautiful, healthy shade tree is a crime. I would be sad right there with Laura. Glad you didn’t lose power for very long; we all are so dependent on electricity these days. Hooray for good neighbors with chain saws. Did you give them the wood for firewood? Willow is pretty fast burning, but at least the fallen tree would be good for something.

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