China Trip: Suzhou, Jiangsu Province

Source: Google Maps

I have been home from China for a week now.  It seems unreal that I was more than 7,000 miles and 12 time zones away from my family.  It was my first long business trip since before Laura was born.  I loved China.

One of the first things I learned upon arriving is that WordPress is blocked, so my plan of doing daily picture posts was thwarted.  I sent Laura and Jung nightly PowerPoint presentations instead.  Over the next few posts, I’ll share trip highlights starting today with Suzhou in the Jiangsu province.  I was in Suzhou the first 3 nights.

The roads had a special lane for motorbikes. At work, a covered bike port was provided, with the overflow neatly lined up on either side of the entrance door. People of all ages and demographics rode motorbikes, including grandmothers with grandchildren and well dressed professional women (these women tended to wear a jacket backwards to protect their arms and shirt front).

These two snails enjoyed the wet weather. I found them on a yellow wood fence outside of work.

What do you do when it rains and you need to get to work on your motorbike? Wear a special raincoat that goes over the handlebars or use an elongated umbrella!

The exit signs in China aren’t red like in the US. Instead, they are green with a running man. Fire safety is taken seriously. In the hallway at work, extinguisher boxes are placed at regular intervals. Remember to dial 119 for emergency. In my hotel room, a smoke mask is on the closet shelf in case of fire.

Chinese policemen wear white gloves. Street cleaners sweep with bamboo brooms. At the hotel, a girl in a red jacket gives a refreshing tea to each person checking in. Another girl stands by to sell moon cakes for the upcoming mid-Autumn Festival

Inside a sweet shop

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14 Responses to China Trip: Suzhou, Jiangsu Province

  1. Momma G says:

    So glad you are home safely from your adventure; had no idea you were planning a trip. Hope to speak with you sooner than later.

  2. dogear6 says:

    I really enjoyed the pictures! Hopefully you’ll post more about the trip as you have time. Can you tell why you were there? I.e. what you were doing for your employer.


  3. paula says:

    love it! 🙂 i’m curious to know if my imsgs got to u while u were away?

  4. shoes says:

    Wow, such an interesting post. Glad you are back safe and sound – I was wondering where you went as my blogging was a bit interrupted and I missed that you were going to be gone.

    I love the pictures but the one of the two snails on the yellow fence is my favorite.

    • Beth says:

      The two snail picture is my favorite, too. I noticed them when the car dropped us at the office. I stopped and pulled out my camera, while my co-workers went ahead of me into the building. I was a shameless, shutterbug tourist on the trip. Heading over to your blog to catch up.

  5. These are awesome! I used to have a moped (while in college. This was pre-kids, obvs). I would have felt super cool with that umbrella.

  6. Karron says:

    We lived in Hong Kong for two years. All of your photos made us a bit home sick for our friends still living there. It was a great adventure, and we traveled to all the places you mentioned in your photos. Macau is amazing.

    • Beth says:

      Karron – thanks for the comment. I had a chance to visit Hong Kong on my trip (pictures still need to be posted). It was my favorite destination. How great that you had the experience of living there for 2 years. I can understand the feeling of home sickness.

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