China Trip: 10 Reasons to Fly in China

Source: Google Maps

My second destination was Shenzhen in the Guangdong Province, located 900 miles south west of Suzhou. To get there, I took a two hour flight on Shenzhen Airlines departing from the Wuxi Airport. According to Claire, the travel agent I worked with, the Chinese government controls fare prices. Unlike the US, the fares do not jump in price as the travel date approaches. This gives flexibility for booking tickets a day or two before traveling.   It also translates to airlines that function like US airlines before the 1978 Airline Deregulation Act, focused on service to differentiate rather than fare wars.

To an American used to stripped to the bones airline service, the flight I took was a flashback to a 1950’s movie.  I expected Doris Day to pop out of a seat and start singing “Blue Skies.”  Here’s why:

1.  Free luggage carts at the curb

2.  Trash cans for Recyclable and Organism

3.  Airport ambassadors wearing red sashes at the ready to answer questions

4.  Live crabs tied in striped twine available for sale at the airport gift shop

5.  A waiting room for mothers with small children next to the smoking room

6.  A bus ride to the tarmac to board the plane

7.  An anime style safety video featuring such characters as the sloppy drunk passenger and the doe-eyed, flight attendant heroine

8.  Hot lunch with a box reading “Feel easy and considerate at anytime Shenzhen Airlines” (remember:  this was a 2 hour flight!)

9.  A sticker reading, “If you need help, please call us now” placed on the seat back in front of the passenger who slept through lunch service.  When the passenger pressed the call button, the flight attendant brought his lunch.

10.  Airport police standing at attention on a raised podium


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3 Responses to China Trip: 10 Reasons to Fly in China

  1. So much goodness! The live crab! The lunch, which you can still get if you’re sleeping! The raised platform! I am super jealous of your swanky flight experience.

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