The Princess Tooth and Her Prince

Laura first noticed that her lower left* right central incisor was loose over Labor Day weekend. A month and a half later, the baby tooth has gotten much looser, but still holds tight. Behind the baby tooth, the permanent tooth has pushed out of the gum. Laura is proud to have 21 teeth, if only for a short time. She tells me that the baby tooth is a princess and the permanent tooth is a prince. The prince uses his sword to fight off the hard foods that cause the princess pain.

The permanent tooth coming behind the baby tooth has me concerned. This semi-reassuring article calls them “lingually erupting mandibular incisors” and “shark teeth.” About 10% of kids have this condition, which is thought to be caused by tooth crowding, extremely stubborn baby teeth roots, permanent teeth developing further back in the gum than normal, or some combination of the three. Most of the time, the condition corrects itself when the baby tooth falls out. Laura has a dentist appointment in early December. I will place my worry on hold for now. Laura teethed early and fiercely (kicked out from a daycare at 18 months for biting), so her shark tooth fits her dental drama M.O.

* Looking at picture, I realized that I used my left, not Laura’s left to determine tooth placement.

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9 Responses to The Princess Tooth and Her Prince

  1. My eldest had her first loose tooth when she was 4! By kindergaten she was a snaggletooth girl! Many kids in kindergarten hadn’t lost a tooth yet! Kids and thier teeth are so funny and weird!

    • Beth says:

      She must have been the envy of her kindergarten class. The teething process (both getting and losing) is weird. Looking forward to this first tooth to finally drop.

  2. BeingMama says:

    Oh my goodness! Sunboy had the same thing! I was worried too but our pediatric dentist said that once the baby tooth is lost the adult tooth would straighten out. It took longer for the baby tooth to come out because the adult tooth came in behind it like Laura’s but when it finally came out, the adult tooth indeed moved forward to be in line with the others. Good luck, and yes, try not to worry!

    • Beth says:

      Thank you so much for the reassuring story about Sunboy! I’m hoping this one falls out soon and that we don’t end up with more shark teeth.

  3. paula says:

    i bet laura-bear LOVES the idea that she has shark teeth….chomp chomp. 🙂

  4. paula says:

    woah and i just looked at your timestamp… why up so late mama bear??

  5. shoes says:

    Cody lost his two bottom baby teeth within a couple weeks of each other and his adult ones sprouted up back behind like Laura’s is. We have not been to the dentist since his tooth loss (we are due soon) but the are looking more normal in placement now than they did five months ago. I like the prince and princess teeth!

  6. This happened to Kelly (from excitement on the side/not one of those women)’s daughter! I remember seeing a picture.

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