Second Tooth

Tooth SaverLaura had a secret when I picked her up at school. She showed me a small, orange chest and asked me to guess what was inside. I guessed a ring. No, not a ring. She opened the chest and showed me the contents. In the dim light of the car, I guessed a super miniature cat. No, not a cat.

It was a baby tooth, and she had lost it during class. She wiggled it out during afternoon language arts, earning a visit to the nurse’s office and a Tooth Saver to store her treasure. Losing a tooth at school increases street cred with Kindergartners and Graders. It is the stuff that causes Fancy Nancy fans to swoon (a fancy word for faint). This makes up for her first baby tooth that Jung pulled out in November when we lost patience with the princess tooth that hung by a thread and would not fall.

Today is bittersweet. Jung attended the wake for one of the children who was gunned down in Newtown. His co-worker, the child’s mother, received a call at work from her husband that he had their daughter but couldn’t find their son. They waited at the firehouse until midnight when positive identification was made and their permanent loss confirmed. They will not be able to share any more silly, satisfying milestones with their child like lost tooth pride. A Friday that started as ordinary brought a Monday with a casket instead of a living boy, leaving a gap that cannot be filled.


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One Response to Second Tooth

  1. Momma G says:

    Looks like Laura’s been finger painting. Losing a tooth at school is indeed a big deal. Quite sobering as you mentioned a gap of a different kind. Coming to grips with the evil of the world is difficult, especially given the total innocence of those young children. The gap they will leave in their families and among their classmates will always be there. I do hope that people do not blame the weapon; the gun is neutral, neither good nor evil. The use of the weapon was abhorrent, but banning weapons is not the answer. The 2nd Amendment is vital to our freedom from tyranny. The story of Sleeping Beauty came to mind. Her parents burned the spinning wheels, but the spinning wheel was not the enemy; the evil fairy was. Because the princess was never taught about spinning wheels, her ignorance was her downfall. Likewise, man has agency, to use for good and for evil intents. Mental illness is hard to understand, since we cannot get inside another person’s head. Even then, I am not sure we would understand the mechanisms that trigger antisocial behaviors. When confronted with untimely death, this is a time of reflection about the fragile line between life and death, about values and relationships. We all need to live each day to the max, without regret, without procrastination of those things most important. This is a good time to think about life’s priorities. Tomorrow becomes today quickly enough, but at some point, the tomorrows end.

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