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Poppy, the Popsicle Princess

Poppy, the Popsicle Princess Mixed Materials, 2012 Laura This piece is an especially fine example of the decorative arts popular with mothers and grandmothers. The great simplicity resonates with the viewer, evoking emotions of joy and whimsy.  The googly eyes, … Continue reading

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Rainbow Treasure Box

Remember as a kid pulling apart all the Publisher Clearinghouse magazine stickers and pasting them into patterns?  We used to fight over them.  This craft was inspired by that memory plus a huge surplus of Avery return address labels.  Laura … Continue reading

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Cake Box Vase

To prepare for Thanksgiving, Laura and I made two vases out of boxes filled with leaves gathered in our yard. This easy craft is appropriate for preschoolers and uses material readily available around most homes. Here’s what you need: – … Continue reading

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The Christmas Countdown Commences

While it seems like Halloween just happened, Laura is already focused on Christmas. My sister suggested creating a Christmas Countdown Garland using leftover Halloween candy. It provides an easy way to meter Halloween candy consumption and transition into Christmas. Here’s … Continue reading

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